How can you help me?

Our staff of real estate professionals has extensive knowledge in the preparation and presentation of tax appeals both at the Hearing Officer level (for properties assessed under $ 3 million) as well as to the Assessment Appeals Board. We maximize your savings based on our expertise by being proactive in all stages of the appeals process with staff possessing over 14 years of experience.

If the Assessor denies our request for a reduction, can anything else be done?

Yes, in this instance we will file for a formal hearing which will allow us the opportunity to present your case to the Assessment Appeals Board. This additional stage in the process is part of the service we provide and is already included in the negotiated fee. No Reduction – No Fee!

If an application is submitted to reduce my property tax and the Assessor feels that the property is already assessed below market value, can my property tax actually increase?

No, Proposition 13 protects you, the tax payer. The only increase you will see is the State of California’s inflationary factor which is 2% annually. There is no downside to filing a Proposition 8 Decline in Value application.

What if my property continues to go down in value?

If the market declines further, we can file for subsequent years based on using the market approach of sales within the vicinity of your subject property.